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I'm a professional story-teller with 25 years of experience reporting in cities on the West Coast--from San Diego to Seattle. I currently work for ABC7 News in San Francisco.



 I'm passionate about sharing stories that uplift our communities, remind us of what is possible, and give our underserved communities a voice. I am proficient in Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese and often report on stories about our ethnic communities, small business, as well as business/technology/trade and commerce. 

About Suzanne

Suzanne Phan is happy to back in California with warm weather and sunny skies!

She was born and raised in San Diego. Suzanne spent 16 years reporting in Sacramento at KCRA3 and ABC10 before moving north to Seattle.

She and her husband (also a newsie) both worked at KOMO-TV (ABC) for 6 years before returning to Northern California.


Suzanne loves languages and has spent time studying Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. She studied in China for a year at Beijing University in 1994.


An avid adventurer, Suzanne has traveled to more than 20 countries. She has backpacked through India (twice!), Mexico, and Southeast Asia with her husband. Suzanne survived a solo excursion through Guatemala and Honduras during some unexpected civil unrest.


Want to talk travel, food, or practice your Chinese/Vietnamese?! Be sure to say Ni Hao or Chao Em!

Connect with Suzanne:

Here's a closer look at the daily stories, long-term projects, and immediate events I'm engaged in.

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